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Monopé 06 seções de fibra de carbono - suporta até 15Kg

R$ 1.880,00
12x R$ 188,76*

The GIOTTOS MM-8680 Carbon Fiber Monopod is a 6-section monopod made of high-strength carbon fiber tubing commonly used in aerospace engineering. 

It yields exceptional stability for its weight. The carbon fiber used for these legs is made from twelve layers, and the spiral grain is visible on the surface, giving it it"s high-tech look.

This monopod features anti-twist leg sections with rubber twist leg locks, a neoprene leg grip for all-weather use, and a large rubber leveling foot.




  • Leg diameter

36mm leg diameter for added stability.

  • Safety features

Anti-twist screws for extra security when a head is attached, non-slip foam rubber coating on upper section.

  • Includes Tool Kit

The toolbox includes different sizes of allen wrenches, hex wrench, screw driver and extended tube for leverage.


  • Dados técnicos
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