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Teleprompter completo para ipad

R$ 8.980,00
12x de R$ 901,60*

Make a teleprompter out of your iPad with the Flex Teleprompter from Prompter People. The teleprompter"s beam splitter has a 60/40 transparency for clear bright reflection of prompter text without having to add excessive amounts of gain in-camera.

The flex design allows the teleprompter and the camera riser to be adjusted without any tools. This feature allows the teleprompter to be compatible with a wide variety of camcorders ranging from DSLRs to ENG cameras. 

The tablet teleprompter can also be converted to accept other prompters of different sizes without requiring extra hardware or tools.To use your iPad as a prompter, iCUE software is available for download from the app store. The app provides all the necessary prompting functionality so there is no need to connect to a separate computer. 

The prompter scrolling can be controlled via the included Bluetooth Keyboard remote. The included universal tripod mount is a plate that attaches to the cradle, and provides both a 1/4"-20 & 3/8"-16 threaded mounting hole. All the components in the kit can be packaged in the included soft case for transport and protection.


  • Time saving tool-less design
  • Supports small and large camcorders with the included riser
  • Upgradable to 11, 15, 17, 19, and 24" monitor sizes
  • Bluetooth remote features scroll Start/Stop control as well as Scroll Faster / Scroll Slower buttons


  • Prompter People Flex Teleprompter for iPad
  • Hardware de Montagem
  • 60/40 Beamsplitter Mirror
  • Universal iPad Bracket
  • Camera Riser
  • Bluetooth Remote Keyboard
  • Universal Tripod Mounting Plate
  • Soft Case
  • o ipad não está incluído nesse kit


  • Dados técnicos
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