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Microfone de estúdio - edição limitada

R$ 3.480,00
12x de R$ 349,40*

Recreating one of their classic microphones, the 5575LE Unidyne Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Vocal Microphone from Shure is a serialized, limited edition vocal and speech microphone that features the classic Super 55 large grille outer shell. 

The mic is stand mounted and equipped with a dynamic Unidyne III cartridge, providing a cardioid polar pattern. 

A certificate of authenticity signed by Shure"s chairman, and aluminum flight case are also included, along with a set of collector"s photos.




  • Certificate of Authenticity features matching serialization and a tribute from Rose L. Shure, Chairman, Shure Incorporated
  • Vintage desk stand features a retro design (zinc die-cast with silver finish) with 3" (1 m) right-angle XLR mic cable
  • Aluminum flight case displays the 75th anniversary logo


  • Shure 5575LE Unidyne Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Vocal Microphone
  • Certificado de Autenticidade
  • Vintage Desk Stand
  • Set of Collector"s Photos3" (1 m) Right-Angle XLR Cable
  • Aluminum Flight Case


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