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Bateria para filmadora digital Go Pro Hero 3

R$ 449,00

The GoPro Battery BacPac Limited Edition is an auxiliary lithium-ion battery pack to extend the battery life of GoPro HERO action cameras. It attaches externally, mounting flush with the back of the camera. 

A Type B Mini USB port on the BacPac means it can be recharged using any GoPro USB charger, a computer, or just about any other type of USB charger. 

It features a BacPac-compatible housing in case you do not already use one.The Battery BacPac Limited Edition is compatible with the GoPro HD HERO 2, HERO3 and HERO3+ action cameras. 

However, when using the HERO3+ you will need to use the featured BacPac-compatible housing as the standard HERO3+ housing will not fit a BacPac.



  • Integrated lithium-ion battery extends GoPro HERO battery life
  • LCD screen displays remaining capacity when in operation and charge status when charging
  • LED status light indicates when camera is recording


  • GoProBattery BacPac Limited Edition for HERO Action Cameras
  • BacPac-Compatible Housing
  • Standard BacPac Backdoor
  • Standard Backdoor
  • Skeleton BacPac Backdoor
  • Skeleton Backdoor
  • Cabo de Recarga USB


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