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Rádio walkie talkie intercom - kit completo com 04

R$ 8.680,00
12x de R$ 871,47

This Simultalk 24G Communication System from Eartec provides full-duplex digital wireless communication in a compact design. 

The system includes 4 Simultalk 24G beltpacks and 4 SlimLine Double headsets. The Simultalk 24G beltpack is compact, lightweight, and easy-to-use, requiring no base station for operation, thanks to standard 2.4GHz technology. 

It features a built-in volume control, and a talk/standby switch. The molded belt clip keeps the unit securely fastened to your clothes. No FCC license or any other license is needed for operation, and it is CE certified for use in Europe, Australia, and the UK.

The SlimLine Double headset is designed for those who need comfort in addition to durability. The internal spring steel headband is adjustable to provide the right amount of tension for each user. Soft padding on the headband and earpads provides added comfort.


  • Compact and lightweight beltpacks
  • Full-duplex communication
  • Volume control
  • Talk/standby switch
  • Durable molded belt clip2.4GHz technology means no base station, FCC license, or any other license required
  • CE certified for use in Europe, Australia, and the UK
  • Durable and comfortable headsets
  • Adjustable mic gooseneck for precise positioning


  • Eartec 4 Simultalk 24G Beltpacks with SlimLine Double Headsets
  • 4x Beltpacks
  • 4x Headsets
  • Charger


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